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In Feb. of 2013, I re-activated my long-dormant Epson 2580 scanner at last, in order (mainly) to determine whether it was still functional or not, but also to determine whether it was worth my personal investment of time to bother to scan all my existing negatives into digital files myself (in person) -- or should I hire an outfit that does it for payment. I know of one company which is highly recommended, and produces scans at 3000dpi. These (accompanying) I did at 3200dpi on my own system, though I am still what you might call a "beginner".

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All of these images, unless otherwise noted, come from my negatives. Most were photographed using my late, lamented Nikon F2, for which I had a nice assortment of lenses. It was, sadly, stolen back in about 2002 or so, which had the effect of somewhat prematurely launching me into the digital photography era. For the most part, what's in here is from my older film negatives.
Coming Soon to Rayton's Trains:
• The Super Chief
Trains in Europe
Rio Grande Zephyr - Paul Rayton's US Trains
The Rio Grande Zephyr was a "leftover" from the famous "California Zephyr", which ran between Chicago and San Francisco starting in 1949. It was noted for always having 5 of the "Vista Dome" cars in each set of equipment. At the time of the formation of the nationwide "Amtrak" system [1971], the Rio Grande Railroad Co. (D&RGW) decided to opt out of the national system, and, for about the next dozen years, provided service between Denver and Salt Lake City according to some legal agreements that had been agreed upon prior to Amtrak.
Los Angeles Area
I've touched up the color balance and exposure slightly, but as of the date of most of the scans seen in here now (early 2013), I haven't exactly developed serious expertise in scratch and dust removal. Subsequent passes may provide better looking images. Maybe. As they might say in the advertising world, "watch this space!"

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60th Anniversary of the Danish Class MY
Diesel Days in Ängelholm 2010
Diesel Days in Odense 2004
Class MY 1112 in Black and White
Diesel Engines from GM / EMD Electro Motive Division
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