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Los Angeles Area
Paul Rayton's US Trains - A nostalgic View from the 1970s

Tilbage til forsiden
Written and Photographed by: Paul Rayton, Hollywood, California, USDate: 04.03.2012

From circa 1970 - a couple of train pix from around L.A. These two pix were produced from "126"-type negatives, a format by definition for "el cheapo" cameras. Not sure whether this one was a throwaway camera or not, but it's possible. At any rate, the resultant image is more square than rectangular, which caused the scanner to have some fits, but I managed to get a few done (and to then get me to resolve that the rest of them shall be farmed out!).

AT&SF Super Chief entering into LAUPT, sometime circa 1970. A pretty sight, all those "warbonnet" engines! I adjusted the color to optimize, as best i could recall, the colors of those engines, in particular. The day was kind of smoggy (so it appears), but I didn't attempt further color balancing. IIRC, the train was scheduled to arrive into LAUPT circa 9AM, which is early enough for the skies to start smudging up with smog. This was, after all, over 40 years ago and there have been a LOT of changes in emissions regulations since that time, which has made a difference, air quality-wise.

Paul Rayton's US Trains

Thomas Hauerslev's Trains in Danish

Danmarks Jernbanemuseum in 2007 with Paul Rayton

Who is Paul Rayton?
Southern Pacific's Coast Daylight enroute northbound toward SF (I think), probably out in the San Fernando Valley somewhere. Also presumed to be sometime in 1970, since it's the same roll of film as the photo of the Super Chief (above).


An Amtrak train service billboard in the Los Angeles area, from circa 2011 (disclaimer: from a digital camera!)

Southern Pacific tracks

I can't for the life of me recall which rain this was! Photo was made in the morning (I can tell by the direction of the shadows), and it is on Southern Pacific tracks, in bound to LA from Suburban Glendale. The big trestle bridge above it carries the tracks of the Santa Fe, coming in from Pasadena and points east. This portion of the Santa Fe is now (2017) in use as the route of the "Gold Line" Metro Rail trains in the area; the tracks below still carry many passenger trains, for Amtrak & Metro Rail. Date is approx. 1980.
Maybe 1978 - Amtrak 'Super Chief' approaching L.A.
1978-06-28 - triple Amtrak-SantaFe engine lineup at LAUPT.

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