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What happened to the Danish Runa Yacht "Snarken" built 1912, and not seen since 1995?

Tilbage til forsiden
Skrevet af: Thomas HauerslevDate: 31.05.2016.
fredag, 21 januar 2022 06:44:04
The "Snarken" in  Svanemøllehavnen (Copenhagen) with sail ID A95 in late 1960s.

Has anyone seen this Runa yacht called "Snarken" built in Denmark in 1912?

The "Snarken" was our family boat from 1962 until 1975 when our family had to sell it. I have not seen it for 40+ years. Despite many attempts to find any trace of it on the internet, nothing has ever come up.

Much to my pleasant surprise, I googled the boat again in December 2015, and suddenly several pages about the proud ship appeared. Mr Steen Guttknecht had written a story about the "Snarken" with a list of owners from the early days until 1995.

Mr. Guttknecht even knows the owner who sold it to our family in 1962, and they were both particularly interested to learn what has happened to the ship and if it was still under sail somewhere.

Various owners bought and sold the ship until 1995, when it was anchored in Køge, about 30 km south of Copenhagen. Sadly, the story ends in Køge, and nobody has seen or heard about it since.

What happened afterwards is pure speculation. Did the ship sink? Was it scrapped or sold to a buyer abroad? Five other Runa siblings have been exported to Germany, France and the US, so why not the "Snarken"?

Despite many attempts to locate the whereabouts of the "Snarken" in Danish newspapers, magazines, and several websites since the summer of 2015, all attempts have been fruitless - so far.

Only very few Runa boats were built, and many of them were bult in Skovshoved by the Nielsen Family. The "Snarken" was built in Kastrup by Svend Svendsen.

The Runa boats were designed by Gerhard Rønne (06.03.1879 - 12.05.1955). All boats in this class have been admired for for their beautiful lines, and extremely good sailing characteristics for more than a century. Genuine Danish yacht design at its very best.
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• Facebook: Classic Yacht Club

Mogens Hauerslev (my dad) and the "Snarken" on its way into the water in the spring of 1964, next to the FREM yacht club house. The club house and the place still exists today - and it is still blue. The youngster to the left, in the back ground, is the author of this page - age less than a year.

At least five Runa boats are still sailing today. The first boat "Runa" (1910) still exist, and as late as 31. May 2016 it was lowered into the Øresund for the first time in three years. Sister boat Runi sits in a school, out of the water for more than 10 years. Two boats in France have been restored by Mr. Yves Carcelle and two boats in the US have been restored by Mr. Gregory Ryan.

If you have any knowledge about the "Snarken" and its whereabouts since 1995, I would be very interested in hearing from you. Please send Thomas Hauerslev an e-mail: mr_in70mm@hotmail.com
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Opdateret fredag, 21 januar 2022 06:44:04